Memories- A journey apart from family (This is neither the beginning nor the ending of it.) #adventure

This collage is a tribute to all those friends who are included in this and whom I have missed out alike. Kindly bear with my writing for a while as it kept me engaged for nearly a night. Let me make a request “ DO accept thanks this time even though u think it is not required” ..!! Smile Now, let me provide you people with an apt write up to for sweet memories…!!

1. Thanks to my Respected Seniors who taught me all kinds of Nuisance possible to allow me sustain in this bad world Winking smile —-

To alok bhayia for his sheer nerve and outstanding courage which kept him apart from everyone else that I have ever meet in my life or will meet in future. To Tamojit bhayia for sharing his talent in a way that was pioneer in making me whatever I am. To yash bhayia for teaching me Microsoft Publisher and making it a point by example that the only thing that matters is the willingness to learn and nothing else. For vivek bhayia for teaching me to smile in all times and keeping super cool in any kind of circumstances. To all other like Arinjoy bhayia, sudarshan bhayia, santosh bhayia for being a friend and a brother rather than just seniors. I thank you all.

2. Thanks to all my friends who taught me to act like a nerd, Live, Sustain, fight, fight back,laugh and then to win in Life Smile

To Priyanku for being and more importantly remaining the oldest friend I made here. And I don’t remember a single time we fought or either of us have offended the other. Did a lot together and would have definitely achieved better things had we been in the same department. To Alfam and Pimpim for being the only source of my timid mechanical knowledge and helping me so that I am able to speak in certain places. To pimpim alone for combining with me so that we can screw together Ankur shyam(bechara)- and I know priyanku is itching too. To khushish for always being so sweet and trustworthy and happily accepting my dealings. For walking with me for 10kms which would never been possible without you. For staying awake till we took ticket in pune. To Alfam for always carrying team-garuda on his shoulders jiske karan uske baal ud gae; and building up that car which made our college proud. To Ankur shyam and him alone for always being available as a bakra for us.

To Dinesh rathore and Alok for working so hard on TGMC and doing great. For boring me with their weird java stuff which I admit that I never understood Smile with tongue out.  To dinesh alone for being good to me always and staying into booking there by freeing us from one more competitor with girls. To Alok for running like a wild bull on the sight of a girl Winking smile. To Nazir for always roaming here and there like a BSNL network and fighting with me for TEA.

To Biswajit, Munna, Bobby, Santosh for helping us out whenever needed and being there as good parosi even though they live upstairs. For giving me with Roti and makan(kapra mere pass tha) when needed for FREE (onion is Rs 40/kg nowadays) Smile with tongue out. To biswajit for being so selfless always and tolerating my khoon-choosne ka bimari. To bobby for reaming so and not becoming bobby darling. Best of luck to munna for finding his munni. Cheers for thumkas of santosh.

To Rahul Raj for being a patla insan and living his life fully. For you my friend I say Kurt kobain  might have chosen to commit suicide; u defiantly deserve multiple lives kyunki tu sala itna patla hai ke ek jindgi me to kuch nahi hoega tera. To Dharmendra for loving her so much and Ti-Ti-fiss. I have sympathy with you. “Yeh tera dil samajhta hia aur tera hi dil samajhta hai”

To Gunanand Prasad for sufficiently and successfully  accomplishing the task of sustaining as my roommate which is understandable for obvious reasons. To him and him only for not killing me despite of my Non-stop and continuous blabbering. To him and him only for cooking karela and not eating it himself. To him for being an ISO-Certified bartan dhone wala. To him for being such a romantic person with his girlfriend(Isko nahi delete karne wala mein-USP hai).

3. Thanks To all the girls for having so beautiful faces that was more important than all of the above people and also for inspiring mankind to work Winking smile

To Sheoli for being sherni and showing me the outstanding power of women. For talking long hours with your mom on phone which has been a matter of curiosity amongst a lot of people. For showing me that girls can choose to giggle or not. For being the only girl who have not said to me “Thappad khaoge tum” in my college. For keeping 200+ coins in her bag(have to find the temple where she sits) which makes it impossible to carry for her. For being so good listener(Trying to learn from her) and keeping cool.

To Sonal and Namrata for being my oldest girlfriends I can remember Winking smile. For sonal for making me believe that people can change if they choose to and to namrata for making me believe the other way. To sonal for not increasing her height thereby reducing her chances at marriage Smile with tongue out and to namrata for having so many emotions which can be compiled into a dictionary.  To namrata and namrata only for helping me out at certain incidents and to soanl for always being having enough money to give me treat.

To Ankita and Anamika for being so sweet friends and tolerating my poking whether it was in Facebook or in Life. To anamika for making me believe that girls can do eat chicken a lot. To ankita for always having time to roam with me.

To Naurin for thinking that I can program HMM and will complete this project. for being so good a speech and being my project partner.

4. TO ALL THOSE I HAVE MISSED …. YOU ARE THERE….!! This is not the ENd…..!!   Smile

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4 thoughts on “Memories- A journey apart from family (This is neither the beginning nor the ending of it.) #adventure”

  1. oye…my chances of marriage hv nt reduced coz of my hyt…chhote logo ki b duniya hoti h,unke b haq hote h…n ur thnx is most welcum,i wont say it ws nt reqrd…all i cn say is thank god,tujhe itni akal to aayi to kisi ko thnx bole….n my all thnx 2 god,whu made u write dis….n it ws ofcourse reqrd 4 toleratin a boy like u 4 dese many days….

  2. THANK YOU Akarsh for being one of the very few people who made my journey enjoyable n cherishable :)and well the name of the temple shouldn’t be revealed on a public forum as this coz that’s a business secret!! 😉

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