The Day I Was Born “Again” #Miracle #Adventure #Love

I felt a sudden rush of gratitude and Love towards Life and Towards Every one i knew when i came back to shore. The guy who rescued me told me that ” you are the first person i have seen coming out alive from this sea in my life here”. It all started when…. (Akarsh , Prnks( Priyanku), Sardar (Khushish) , Anamika and her cell phone that took the only snap i have of the memory)…..

………….It had already been a boring week and we were working our way through final year of engineering with Fun, Boredom, Money crisis, Placement issues – ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Engg. is a degree which most of all will agree that shows colors rather than flavors.

I do not remember correctly but it was nerkundram juice shop where after having their awesome juices( I can always endorse for them- They are soooooo good) we planned to go to Mahabalipuram ( Happens to be a town in near Chennai, Tamil Nadu; Known for its beaches, Rock temples. 

We reached there as per plan (Thanks to prnks). Breakfast has as per Tamil nadu standards – Hated  the vada( Not complaining 😀 ). We then went to the beach .. ahaaaaaaaaaaa what breeze .. sea breeze always makes my heart fly ;). The tides were low and Sun was trying to get up high. Sardar and prnks were not into the sea and were enjoying the beach nad the view; I went into the sea and the Anamika was near to the shore but into water. We spent around 2-3 hours there then felt like should leave. Having an ice-cream near a beach on hot sand makes you feel like you are in New-Zealand or something. We then planned to leave but unfortunately found a short way into another beach with higher tides ( called foreigner beach ). being so tired we kinda slept on the stones for 30 min there. 🙂 .. I took some snaps but of the other side of the beach. Anamika took some snaps of the sea ( she loves waves like i do ).

We went to that beach and boy it was awesome; close to 10feet high tides; and Foreigners ( Finally ); Better view and a small island in between. It was a bit scary so dropped the idea of going in. Finally we though to freshen up and me and sardar went to look for changing rooms. The roads in Mahablipuram are all made of stone. Me and Khushish kinda walked 3-4 kms,I was without slippers so got raches and cuts on my hell due to hot sand and broken glass on the beach. Now comes the part what i trying to forget for a long time :

After coming back to the sea I rushed in there to sotthe my feet. Anamika was standing nearby and she asked me to come out of the sea but the next i remember correctly is being pushed back by the waves. I tried hard to propel forward with no luck and was constantly being pushed back into the sea. the water was close to 10 feet now. I waved and Luckily anamika saw it; damn she waved back(though i was having Fun). I desperatly tried to swim but my hands were aching and eyes full of salt water without any proper breath. Then I remebered we talking the signal with both hands in the afternoon. I waved to her with both hands and she caught it. She came back to beach and told the other two. What i was able to see was they moving here and there; I know nobody knew swimming. I though i was going to die. Then two guys swimming nearby came to me; tried to drag me, give me breath orally as i was puffing. Hard Luck. One of them went inside sea and took me on his shoulders to push me out – NO LUCK. I hardly was able to breathe; Burning eyes and lungs are all i remember. They Left hope. Tides were overflowing my head and i my head was underwater;Leg desperately trying to find the base. I just gave up hope. Those are rare moments when you want to cry and tears cant come out of your eyes. I just closed my eyes . Might sound a bit fancy ” Did remember all stupid things; Parents, Work, friends, Kiss, Neverthing i would miss”. With every wave My head popped out for about a second and the next three things i remmber are :

  1. Priyanku Running Somewhere
  2. Some people running towards the sea.
  3. A boat distant apart – Bye akarsh.

Then a hand pulled me out of sea and i was on boat i guess; Vommited a bit.  He asked me ” Drunk or trying to commit suicide ” – NO for both.

Finally when i reached the shore Hugged everyone, The fisherman who saved me told that he has never seen anyone alive in the sea for more than 5-10 min there due to huge tides. I just thanked. Later My friends told me that they requested to lots of people on the beach to help – None came (No hard feelings ever). Later I vomitted enitre bucket of water in restroom. Luckily Nothing serious happened to me. Dint took bath for two days 😛 (The shower was scaring me ). Informing this to my parents was difficult but I did.

Now, It kinda of feels different; I wear a Pendant as a memoir brought from the beach that day to remind me to value Life in Every moment I live Onwards. Call it  Adventure if you may but i dont want another one :P. Miracle Indeed – Thank you Everyone . Love – Now its my Life.

P.S – For anyone reading this Post Please If you ever feel like Life isnt worth living for or that you should Die; Think Again. You are worth one Full Life by the Almighty. He trusted you; you better trust yourself.

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