Memoir of a Fine Evening.

Just another regular weekend and having nothing better to do i felt like having a coffee..

It was little chilly outside as the winters had just started and i could feel the Saturday sun going down and the cold making the coffee much more inviting. Driving at that particular time of the of the day have always make me feel happy and on reaching i ordered my Irish Coffee and it would have been bad to ignore the cookies so i added them too. Too my stuff; and found a couch in the corner.

Usually being alone makes the thoughts go crazy; you think work; you think Life; you think finances; people just out of college even end up being philosophical. With some stupid stray thought in my mind i noticed two girls gossiping and what better place to eavesdrop could i have got in hope of making my coffee even more enjoyable. Another sip and then that Girl; She was lying back on a beanbag;Her upper half completely sunk in it and was wearing blue jeans and kurti. She had one of those beautiful moon shadow-black hairs, bubbly yet ladylike smile, Deep dark eyes and not a care in the world, those silly strands of hair on her eyes which she was trying to move away (I was like – gettwayyy off her face) and chirping fluently! Thankfully without noticing the fact that i was looking at her. Of no reason a silly smile appeared on my face.  you can really float on clouds – Trust me! I was on one of them floating. I took the second sip a little cold by now and realized she not beauty queens with Gorgeous looks in Magazines. She was beautiful for that sparkles that came in her eyes when she was talking that were having a soothing effect on her friend. There was nothing temporary around her. I heard her and she was talking about her friend’s breakup and trying to express that “my only concern is you”.

My Coffee was cold now and the cookie packet unopened; I finished it and got up. This distracted her and she looked at me; I smiled and she smiled back. It was a Fine Evening.


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Akarsh verma

Voracious Reader | Curious Learner | Programmer by Profession | Dreamer | Kid at heart and boy i cherish it. ♥ I tweet at :

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