The Girl With No Name

I drove to Janakpuri, District Center; that’s where we used to hangout every now and then. The place is very familiar exactly as i remember it: The basement is full of shops selling zillions of Girly accessories and some chat-pakore and is opposite to the Chinese restaurant Bercos; Beside the steps there is a chocolate fountain shop – This guy puts chocolates on all kinds of biscuits &  cookies and serves. Then there is the golgappa wala opposite to satyam which is amazing. Couple of momos and Egg roll stalls can also be found there. It’s a good market, there is something for everyone. Never-mind.

There was a bench unoccupied and i took the space, Music from somewhere and the usual “Sawdhan” bhopu was distracting me; I tried to talk with no words. It was eerie. It was silent. Both killing me.

She said “Aur batao“; I continued to read without paying attention to the book trying to get her out of my head. Kuch baat nahi karni thi to bulaya kyun faltu ka – bekar me irritate kar rahe ho mujhe tum. I continued to read but the words had no meaning to me. I was thinking of responses but could not come up with anything to say; Few months ago i would have thought “Jawab hum kya dete, kho gae hai sawalo me”; I love you would have been pretty lame right now. We have not met for a long time – Time does not really heals; All it does is add memories. This was like I was playing chess with myself. Playing both sides;Both Winning-Both Losing.

I finally decided to keep the book down, It was not helping. I looked around at the all familiar surrounding and at the couple sitting next to me probably newly married-there was happiness. Lots of Metros had passed in the last hour. I saw her in multiple places-possibly hallucinating. I was sitting there alone with her.


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Akarsh verma

Voracious Reader | Curious Learner | Programmer by Profession | Dreamer | Kid at heart and boy i cherish it. ♥ I tweet at :

3 thoughts on “The Girl With No Name”

  1. Though its a fiction but has all small unique details of thoughts which actually happens in real.People cant describe there real feelings/thoughts in words but you did it and i appreciate.One day Akarsh Verma will be know as one of the greatest writer.

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