The Angel.

I have always had a strange connection with Beaches. Of the multiple times i have been close to sea the last encounter almost had my life and I ended up being fished out of sea by a boat. This happened in Mahabalipuram – A small town in Tamil Nadu and is few hours drive from Madras. I will keep this story for some other day.

The City itself is spread across Few Sq. Kms and is very beautiful and completely situated by the sea. I Reached there Late Evening. It took me a while to settle down and finally find a place close enough to the beach to have was a walk.
The beach starts from a very narrow lane which is stone paved but the sea breeze makes it pleasant enough to be walked upon. It was spooky without any kind of natural light and the ghostly light coming from a distant lighthouse made it eerie. 

There She was, standing alone by a pulled up boat trying to jump on it to be able to sit. She was wearing pure white dress and the light being reflected off it was angelic. I approached stupidly thing of going and offering help. I managed a hello. She had a bottle of Budweiser with her and by the looks she was not interested in sharing it. After a long 5 min of silence she asked “kahan se ho” ; Chennai came a swift reply. Ok “mein bhi”.. You look beautiful was the second line i could say and staring badly at her. She jumped off the boat came a little closer and said thank you, let’s walk. The beer was juggling between us.It was a night without a Moon but the dim lights of Street lamps and the Candles from hawker made it bright. The sound of the Tides was soothing. We walked from one end to the other end of the beach at times holding hands barely talking. It was almost 3 in the night and decided to rest by a boat. We sat down our shoulders rubbing each other and dozing off.
We suddenly woke up with the first ray of the sun and looked at each other silently deciding to walk away. Neither of us exchanging names and happily deciding to live with the memory.

Au Revoir


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