The Girl with the Sparkling Eyes


I have been no stranger to love. Like almost everyone else I had fallen for Girl(s). And, again like everyone realized that there is more to it that we possibly understand. Sometimes its hard sometimes humbling.

On the Surface, She was the embodiment of every guys dream, slender, tall, well dressed, lady like and not to mention the wit to joke. She was Tamanna, an old friend long lost but never really forgotten. She had this laugh.. I can still hear it sometimes.

I had lost the desire to look into a girl’s eyes, talk and fell the warmth that radiates. It was this fact that I realized made me shy. I have tried never to deny myself of truth or confessions in life as they offer a pure joy that that one seldom gets. Why I was denying now ? I had no idea!

It was in one of those brief burst of light I saw them. There was the cutest of smile humanly possible, The eyes however deceived her. When I looked into them the facade faltered, the smile slowly and finally fading; Revealing a glimpse of sadness hiding behind them. Then Mercifully Darkness. I could no longer look.

I tried hard to not understand but it was unavoidable. The redness in those eyes made me sad. I didn’t liked the thin line between right and wrong then. Forgot that there was a need to a “why”- it would have made no difference; Rather a “how”, hoping the smile to return. Suddenly feeling so small and helpless almost short of words.

Desire, A little Rain, A gentle Breeze, Few Flowers and a walk to remember was something I wanted to thank god for then. She smiled; on her own probably. I had to leave. Time allowed is not always enough.


That immense madness, that positive aura and the ever enchanting smile was something persistent and to which I had lost my heart. How, I have no idea. It was like an old mask; always intended to smile. What hides beneath; I just hope I someday know.That strange euphoric feeling of knowing someone who is so perfect and spellbinding was shadowing over me. Probably an emotion not felt in a long time. Longer than I can remember. What I do remember is my old chuckle; I used to have it lost it somewhere. I couldn’t help smiling seeing that back. I was along, there was no reason, there was no art, no music but I was singing. I was smiling.

After the happiness faded and I looked for the reason(silly of me); I remembered those pale red eyes. I couldn’t sleep. A sad thought haunting me. I wanted to do something,  anything. Helpless.

I prayed. I never ask anything for myself(stopped doing it years ago).Now, However I did. Too selfish to keep the sadness inside; I prayed for the sparkle to return to those eyes. That sparkle that I loved. The sparkle that I remembered.



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Akarsh verma

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