The Sleeping Princess


It was extremely quiet. The winds decided to blow as gently as they can, not wanting to make any sound and still comforting. The light was dim, calm in the moonlight. There was water nearby moving slowly producing the lullaby.


Her Eyebrows were black, slightly raised. Eyes Gently closed as a shell still glowing and making their presence felt. Her head rested on her hand gently curled alongside her body. Her slow breath causing the title me to slow down. There was immense calmness over her face. Peace. Light radiating off her skin. She was wearing a Maroon gown which was flowing through her body.

Suddenly a soft smile passed over her lips, probably a dream or a sweet memory. Very slowly it traversed the distance between her lips finally reaching to her eyebrows through her eyes.

The Princess was sleeping.


Published by

Akarsh verma

Voracious Reader | Curious Learner | Programmer by Profession | Dreamer | Kid at heart and boy i cherish it. ♥ I tweet at :

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